23 Packaging Ideas of Skin Care Cosmetic Products

Packaging is very important to make a presentation of any product to the market. In our life we see a lot of product designs and with the age they becomes more and more improved.

So, today I want to show my collection of skin care cosmetic products from face cream to a body butter and so on. This time I have collected 23 nice packaging ideas for your inspiration. Enjoy and inspire your self!

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1. After Sauna Body Butter by Paula Crayon

2. INSUNEED | Baby Skin Care Travel Set by TENG YU

3. Naravan by Saturna Studio

4. 2XP Sunscreen by Chimera Design

5. EXEKO® Organic Fitness Skin Care by Tanya Farba

6. Ourbrand: Skin Care – Brand Concept by FUNKY BUSINESS®

7. Cornica – Brand Identity, Package Design by FUNKY BUSINESS®

8. Natural Skin Care by yum tang

9. Ucaress Cosmetics by Gianmarco Zanol

10. Five Minutes by Jessica Wonomihardjo

11. Sasa Skin Care by Charlotte Gnaj

12. K-Bright by Frankie Forzoni

13. Spectrum Skin Care by Renee Antoienette

14. Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus | Bodycare by Harcus

15. Under Twenty by Mamastudio

16. Hakuuna Matata by Voronoi Design Co

17. Kruidvat – Private Label Skincare Relaunch by REGGS

18. Aether Skin Care Range by Rich Shelton

19. Luxury Skin Cells by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

20. Aster by Ibraheem Alshwihi

21. Olay Products by Anderson Restrepo

22. Skin Care Branding by marwa Darwish

23. SCUM – Luxurious Skin Care by Justyna Liska

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