24 Inspirational Color Gel Photography Examples

Using color gel is a great way to add bold color and emotion into your images that can either dominate or introduce subtle tones that help to communicate a mood. This is absolutely unique technical solutions give photographers immense ways of creativity too! Such effects can be reproduced via Photoshop, but a special filter for cam still will be the only way to create such a great composition. Have fun!

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Queensland Theatre 2019 by Melissa Baillache

Portraits in Color by Tim Tadder

Late Night Positions by DextDee Livingstone

Supersaturation Sadness by Local Preacher

Leila in Color by DextDee Livingstone

Urban Warior by Attila Udvardi

EYE CANDY – Adobe Lightroom Classic 2018 by Mathew Guido

Neon Hoodies by Benana Photography

Color Gels Portrait by Julia Tikhonova

Editorial for Elements Magazine by Andre Schneider

Movement in Blue by Tim Tadder

Color Gel Retouch by Maitane Fernandez

Color Gel by Anish Fnu

Devin by Featherwax

NEON – 726 by Jaroslav Monchak

Etudes Beaute I by Maltchique

Color Dance by DextDee Livingstone

YOU ARE WANTED II by Staudinger + Franke

Daria by Arthur Eroshkin

Generation Gap by Mike Campau

Caura Sasha from SLU Agency by Kremer Johnson

Harper | Nike | Neon Studio by Garrett Byrum

Pantone by Kevin Mumaw

Lightovation by Jeff Whitlock

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