25 Eye-Pleasing Animated Logos to Inspire Your Self!

Animation is not a new trend, because it’s always rocking! So, more and more company’s ask to make animation of their brand for showcasing needs. The animated logos is most what company’s like to order from designers. So to be in the latest move on, i decide to make an inspirational post with great collection of animated logos to shake your brains and get total ideas for your next logo design and make it more lively.

Here are 25 designers who share their animation logos, so you don’t need to search website by website to find something cool. I handpicked every design carefuly especially for you. Enjoy and have fun!

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1. Logos Vol. 1 by Jared Brady

2. Animated NFL Logos by Jared Tapp

3. L Atelier St George by Bernard Magri

4. Moon Animated Logo by tubik

5. Animated Volusion Logo by Nhi Nguyen

6. David Production Logo Animation by Mate Miminoshvili

7. Logo Motion by Tayfun

8. Animated Logo for banan.agency by Vlad Hrebeniuk

9. Logo Animation 2018 Reel by Asot Sargsyan

10. GamicSoft Logo Intro by Faizan Anwar

11. Coolgrey Animated by Kieran Sheehan

12. Undabot Logo Animation by 

13. Animated Logo by Damaris González

14. GetUp! by Logo Machine

15. Joyis

16. NX Studio Logo Animation by Roman Martynov

17. Ludicamantova – Logo, Signage by Studio Aruki | Logo design & Brand Factory

18. Kredovik by Logo Machine

19. Burov Group

20. Play People

21. Animated Logo of TELOKWENTO by Bader Gahan

22. Inssta Logo by Aslan A. for Fireart Studio

23. ROTL Animated Logo by Josh Smithness

24. Nautilus Collective by Alex

25. Letter D – Halloween Letter Animation by Andre Navarre

I hope you like this collection of animated logos. If you have fish to create something similar for your business do not hesitate to ask designers and you can make a coloboration with them. Good Luck!

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