33 Awesome Concepts of Badges Logo Design

All logo badges templates are professionally designed with amazing concepts and ideas. Today’s in this gallery I’ve gathered creative badges and logo designs, concepts and ideas that will surely inspired you. Badges are pretty cool when designed with a careful ‘complex simplicity’. So here are 33 Badge Design Concepts ranging from achievements, personal branding emblems, logos and even a few stock collections for inspiration! Enjoy the time!

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Black Flabungus Skate Logo by Beau Raw

Visit Japan by Mason Alexandre

Spurgeon College by Peter Voth

Always on Vacation by Alterfan Art

Grand Canyon Badge by Jorrien Peterson

Halloween no Paço de Giela Badge by Rui P Aguiam

Qatar by Robert Berge

Space by Julien

Whiskey Ambitions by GOOSEBUMPS

USBG – CharlotteChapter by Michael Kuhn

Red Leader X-Wing Fighter by Jamie Ferrato

Hous Squadron by HOUS

Hand Made by Griff logo by Adam Limanowski

Executive Fit Badge by Martika Perez

HRO Branding & Design by HRO Design

Learning Code Badges by sabrina wishak

Get Busy Makin’ Or Get Busy Dyin’ by Jamie Ferrato

Peace Of Shiitake Badge by Taylor Carr

Deer Park Badge by karan | Logo Designer

Ollie’s Coffee House by Kenneth Jones

Women at Creative Market by Bronwyn Gruet

Swedish Soccer Team Logo by Hobo Creative Co.

Joshua Tree National Park Badge by Julia Wolnski

The Hunter Badge Variations by Martin David

Compromiso Cooperativo by Guille Orlando

Bicyclist Badge by Toro and Hare

Running on Empty by Kevin Fluegel

Safety Force by Lily Stanicek

Hang Loose and Chill Out by Jamie Ferrato

Tear in my Beer by Adam Wiedman

Rocket Math Badge by Zach VanDeHey

Monday by Lirey Blanco

Wizardry Badge by Parko Premvaranon

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