Deeply to the Graphic Design Future: 2020 A Virtual Golden Age?

Graphic designers makes a huge progress in the past 5 years. The designing become more engaging and attractive, even more complicated and in the same time more efficently. Technology developing in a matter of weeks, days and even seconds! In the last five years, the development of digital technology has grown so rapidly and in the next five years, some companies may have to adapt to radical changes in the future.

The next two years of designing will be very interesting and mighty till 2020 comes. At thet time will be created a gigantic amount of digital resources and designers must search what to present for the next years of decade. All waiting the changes from the programs and technology world. No more boring stock photos or minimalist graphics. 2020 calls for riskier color schemes, riskier GIFs, even all designing must be ready for virtual reality life!

One year of designing shows how this niche makes a progress. You will not like the designs from 2013-14, now is 2018 and want to see more interesting ideas to make an inspiration for yourself, a future trends.

The Prediction

The prediction are easy to consider, means, that some of graphic design trends will be coming from the past like ‘gradient colors’, ‘Bold Fonts’, ‘Illustrations’, ‘3D Designs’ and mixing with a new technologies like ‘Animation’, ‘Popping Illustrations’, ‘Hassle Free Effects’, ‘Lively Design’ will be a great combination. But all coming fast, so you can’t realize how the designer’s surroundings and products are changed.

Many experts in the design field predict that virtual reality and automation in the design world will be more prominent than before. New tools discovered and mobile gadgets have driven hundreds of millions of people in the past 10 years. New designers sprung up and the age standard for working up the career ladder will get younger. Many older designers will feel threatened when they see that young designers are increasingly able to produce works that a few years ago could only be created through years of experience and tons of homework needed. In other words, digital design technology has made it easier for almost all aspects.

2020 A Golden Age for Virtual Reality?

So, what a future market need? All designers have a questions like this. Any designer who really wants to compete in the future should make the decision to anticipate radical changes or better create a completely new hybrid to anticipate future market needs. Need to take a risk to realize something new. What they should prepare for the next 2 years?

2020, for some renowned designers, is a point of transformation between ancient design values and the modern ones. It may be a virtual golden age, as computer technology continues to grow from day to day, marked by the widespread application of Artificial Intelligence on the latest devices.

Unlimited Creativity

The designer’s world will be on the fire to find something who will be trending forever. The new generation lives in the virtual reality from they born. Around a lot of devices, so they have other ideas and they will bring the designing to the next level and this will happen very soon.

A design project may involve more aspects as well as more disciplines. This is a future demand if you as a designer really want to keep up with thousands or tens of thousands of young designers who carry a myriad of modern technology in their pockets.

Designing Innovative Apps

Now a days the Apps popping everywhere on your mobile devices and future tells, that the new generation will be using Apps for all aspects of their life. Whether you want to shop, socialize, party or book a cab, you’ve an app for that! It seems as if the world is fast moving towards an app-driven market. In 2016, we’re likely to see graphic designers come out with innovative and useful designs for mobile apps. This is because people spend most of their time on mobile apps now and they essentially look for and demand more personalized and creative experiences from the brands providing those apps.

Designers are looking to take advantage of this situation. And that’s why we’re sure that you will see many innovative and trendsetting mobile app designs in the years to come.

Are These Design Trends Going Out of Style?

As we talk about the future of graphic design, the time is to delete old designs from your list.

  1. Ultra detailed / Complex Visual Styles
  2. Muted, Natural Color Schemes
  3. Mixed Typography
  4. Monoline Design
  5. Badges and Crests
  6. Shaped Typography
  7. Traditional Stock Imaginery
  8. Static Graphics


Looking back at the evolution of graphic design is like browsing through old photo albums. The life is on the fast train railway and we don’t want to waste the time for worthless things. Just relax and start believe the future. With the huge amount of designer’s worldwide we can create the future in which we would like to live, work and create amazing design. Keep up!

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