Does WordPress Have Limitations For Developers?

In the world of making business websites or any other content management platform, everyone considers WordPress as the best platform to get started from scratch. Especially Web Design Themes businesses are very keen to get started with WordPress because it’s free and easy to set-up.

In addition to WordPress, it has a Massive Collection Of Website Templates and Themes, tools and impressive plugins like WooCommerce. Since this platform has a rich history of easy to use terms of using this platform. Moreover, it does have great experience to bring solutions for customers in the hierarchy. 

Nevertheless, no matter how much it brings new things for new business, has some flaws that can not be neglected. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the WordPress limitations and other underpants where it might be not suitable for your business. For instance, we are going to see the rest of the article from the developer’s point of view.

Before we begin, we want to share some basic things about WordPress:

  • There’s a difference between and In you can host your own site and in site will take care of this on behalf of you but you will not get enough freedom.
  • WordPress’s one of the most trustable plugins, WooCommerce is highly adopted by e-commerce. Even e-commerce marketplaces have invented Responsive WooCommerce Themes for entrepreneurs.
  • The WordPress Plugin archive contains 55,000+ plugins.
  • WooCommerce powers approx. 1 million e-commerce websites in the world. (courtesy:
  • WordPress website itself handles all the security measures and updates for you.   

Apart from all, it’s static and standard fruitful facts let’s set the horns on why developers are not so much willing to work on WordPress sites.

Limitation on Uploading Plugins

In the web-developing context, developers are generally looking for freedom. What gives a developer a nightmare is they can not enlarge the functionality of WordPress. Even though, WordPress still gives some liberty to customize and enlarge its standard functionalities.

In this case, Magento gives comprehensive liberty to developers in customization. That’s why PrestaShop Marketplaces Themes & developers offer Magento to medium businesses and large enterprises as their website. In the context of Magento, business owners are likely to use Website Themes into their stores. 

Besides, WordPress is also good for small-sized businesses. If you are expecting just a little from your business. Developers will help you to migrate from to because you will get the right to host your website and update it any time as per your wish.

Developers Considers It As Not a Development Platform

WordPress is highly known as a powerful content management system. On this platform, you can not only just post blogs. People are coming in a group to use WordPress for multifarious purposes. In the context of e-commerce, people only know that WordPress is free but they don’t know that platform is free but what they need the most in their business like CMS is not that concrete enough.

If a business owner comes to the developer and says, “please customize my free WordPress Development Website and also upload my eCommerce OpenCart Themes”. It will not happen because in the free module you only get standard tools of WordPress. Which can be set up by the owner itself without the developers help. 

It is not possible for developers to develop and customize WordPress websites in a free module because WordPress itself wouldn’t allow it unless you purchase its tools.

No Liberty to Upload Themes

WordPress normally allows using themes that belong to Either those themes are free or you have to make a one-time purchase. In this sense, WordPress has a very limited choice of themes and what makes developers so anxious about it, that you can not fully customize it as per your wish.

As long as WordPress has now provided Theme Customization Facility but you have to purchase it. In general, you can only customize standard things such as fonts, CSS and normal things. If you are wondering about customised theme’s features then you are wrong you won’t do that.

Thanks to e-commerce marketplaces, they provide tons of themes and integrate into your WordPress website. If you purchase a Premium Themes for your store then you will get the liberty to customize it in every way.  

Getting Problems in Mobile Website

If you are using the WordPress solution then you might get feedback from mobile users that your website isn’t looking well-responsive on a mobile screen. WordPress does look responsive on the desktop version but when it comes to a mobile then it’s not great though.

If the developer is skilled to use modern CSS & PHP skills then WordPress will also look good on a mobile screen. So basically it depends on developers. Nevertheless, the WordPress extension shouldn’t be free; you have to purchase some functionality to access more on the WordPress website. 

Limitation on Search Results

Like any other platform, WordPress is still adhering to standard rules. Like it’s search result is still not upgraded yet. 

As a part of SEO, developers have to optimize the website first and then install a plugin into it. This has to be done for Google to understand that your site does exist on its search engine. If you want an embedded search result then you will have to play with strong keywords and then according to developers and SEO experts, you’ll need the help of Google site search.

Search limitation has always been a concern for WordPress owners, developers and SEO experts.

Speed of WordPress Website

There’s nothing to hide this fact that WordPress utilizes CMS to build web pages. WordPress is a savior for a small-business because they don’t use much WordPress space as they have limited edition of products, content and visuals.

The main thing that every developer is never afraid to tell is that WordPress is Slow. Moreover, CMS Services requires more resources in order to make a web page. In addition, making web-pages in WordPress is a time-consuming process. In the development of WordPress site Developers have to push the boundaries and add some extra and unworthy codes that seamlessly increase the size of a web-page. 

No matter what digital module you are using it will take much time to load one page of your store. According to reports, 47% of customers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. 40% of customers will wait no more than three seconds if a web page takes a long time to load.

Problem with SEO

WordPress users and developers out there, they are probably familiar with the Yoast SEO plugin of WordPress. The users have this misconception that this plugin can optimize their website for sure. But the answer may be, Yosat surely optimizes your website but not 100% optimized.

People think that once they install an SEO Service tool on their website then they don’t have to worry about anything. But the reality is these SEO tools are just medium keyword research and optimization comes from your side. It will just help you to apply it properly.

WP Comes with Its Own PHP and Functions

WordPress is indeed an open-source platform but building a website on WordPress without the help of experienced developers is not possible. WordPress uses its own PHP syntax as a language system. It can only be done with the help of experienced developers.

Conversely, since WP takes time to build one web-page, developers are quite neglecting WP related things. If you are not experienced enough then you have to learn everything about WP from scratch and you don’t have that much time to learn. Therefore, there wouldn’t be any option left except hiring experienced developers.

Time-to-Time Maintenance Problem

No matter if WordPress is free but this is a never-ending issue with WordPress sites. If you are using then WP has automatically updated your website without taking your permission. This is an error why people are acquiring .org to .com

Moreover, due to other security and compatibility issues, maintenance problems occur every month. If you have asked developers to code your website then you will never find monthly maintenance but WP will cost you every month and it could be expensive if you don’t transfer from WP to another platform.

WordPress is Not That Easy As You Think

You’ve probably read it on the official WordPress site that this platform is easy to use. No, it’s not. When any WordPress releases you might be thinking that I’m going to update it on myself without getting the help of developers. 

One wrong move and your website will fall apart. If you still think that you are going to update yourself then gain a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. As a matter of fact, WP has its own PHP syntax then you should have to learn that language too especially for your WP website. 

Therefore, we are suggesting you take developers and designers in this context or else see your website fall down completely or even worse.


In the final words, WordPress is not bad enough. It has a standard technology so that beginners can easily understand. Conversely, high-skilled developers will not suggest WordPress as your main website to run the business if you are not a small-sized business.

These points are required to be discussed. In action, if you still want to use WordPress then we are suggesting to use if you are using 

This is the best option where at least you can inherit some of the standard tools and operate it as per your wish.

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