Innovative Branding by Backbone: Messier 53 Hotel in Yerevan

Today I have an inspirational article for all interior designers and architects. I thought that some of you already see the presentation of the very innovative Messier 53 Hotel in Yerevan by Backbone, if not, then you are welcome to see some great details and design elements which can lead you in mind and open more inspiration doors in your brains.

Backbone is one of the most amazing designing studio, they have no limits in their ideas to make professional and stunning work ready to the end. I like everything created by Backbone and with the interest studding their website:

Messier 53 (M53) is a boutique hotel with 53 rooms, named after a French astronomer who was the first to compile a catalog of astronomical objects. The main essence of the brand is the spirit of discovery that takes you to a mystic journey through the universe.

See more works from Backbone by clicking the button below! And some of the most attractive photos from the Messier 53 hotel 🙂

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