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Typography is Rocking! In every single design project you need a good font collection, that you can deal with your self which font is better. So I have compiled the list of newest fonts for your next typography project and for sure they all are FREE.

I will try to bring out free fonts collection every month, so come here back to see the newest additions. Today the compilation of 20 nice and rocking free fonts to pleasing your eyes. I hope you like my selection and will use in your design. Enjoy and let’s go to the list below!

Note: We recommend you to read the license before you use this free fonts in your design projects.

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Free Camar Vintage Font

From the era of modernization and expansion were anything seems to be possible, when simple meant elegant, when form and poise were the norms, we bring to you a unique Camar font! The featured OTF files include a total count of 187 glyphs for sending messages in commercials, banners. headers, logos, and branding pieces.


Free Artless Font

The free version of Artless font has all the basic characters to level up your next project. The demo version is for personal and charity use only.


Free Lukara Script Font

Lukara Script is a beautiful decorative font with which you can achieve a handwritten-type lettering feeling. This font has a really nice flow so you use it in a large text if you want to give them a touch of personality. It can be used on social media content, for branding, wedding invitations or packaging.


Free Cremona Sans Font

Cremona Sans is an elegant font that combines thin and thick lines in the same characters to present sophisticated designs. This TTF tool consists of a fine selection of uppercase letters, numbers, and glyphs to which you will have immediate access once the font is downloaded. It also comes with Latin characters to support multiple languages. This gives you even more options when it comes to the projects you can include it in like invitation and business cards, brochures, online posts and banners, branding and packaging designs, etc.


Free Technique Sans Font

With the variety that Technique provides, you can use it for multiple projects where simplicity is demanded and practicality is a must. Technique, the modern grotesque sans serif, offers a duality that most fonts do not since it can be used in titles and subtitles as well as regular texts. You can include it in printed projects like packaging designs, business cards, books, and brochures, and digital and online projects like websites, presentations and reports, applications and many others.


Free Naila Font

Introducing a serif brush and display typeface Naila. Free for personal and commercial projects.


Free Hey August Font

Hey August is an authentic dry brush font. Ideal for logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, header, poster, merchandise, social media and more. The font includes a full set capital and lowercase letters, as well as multi-lingual support, currency figures, numerals, & punctuation.


Free Genuine Sans Font

The font comes in all caps, offering an engrossing appearance with every letter typed. Straight lines and sharp edges combined to offer you a font that puts your viewers at ease with its gentle and captivating presence.


Free Quandco Sans Serif Font

This font is iconic for book titles especially the classics, magazines, newspaper headlines whether in print or online, websites and webpages, online clothing shops, banners and images that carry quotes and lyrics, branding designs and logos for cosmetics, perfume, and many other projects as well.


Free Swampy Handmade Font Family

Free Swampy Handmade Font Family is a grungy handmade font family. It comes in 3 variants: Sand, Clean and Dirt, contains all caps letter, numbers and symbols, supports Latin and Cyrillic languages.


Free Amelina Elegant Font

Introducing Amelina free script font for your design projects.


Free Shape Font

Shape font is a modern typeface inspired and designed by Basic Shapes. This typeface consists of bold geometric uppercase letters.


Free Speedy Font

Speedy is a modern typeface. Basically, this font was inspired by speed and understandable in a glance that’s why named as speedy. This typeface consists of bold geometric upper & Lower case letters and numbers.


Free Taster Modern Font

Taster is a modern sans-serif typeface. This typeface consists of bold geometric upper & Lower case letters, numbers and punctuation (symbols).


Free Zonta Font

Zonta is a modern sans-serif typeface. This typeface consists of bold geometric upper & Lower case letters, numbers and punctuation (symbols).


Free Cloud Script Font

Cloud Script is a lovely handwritten script typeface. Free version includes Regular weight, the comlplete font family comes also Light and Bold weights. The font contains a complete glyph set, supports Latin and Thai languages.


Free Aneo Display Typeface

Introducing Aneo free display typeface free to use.


Free THINOO – Modern Font

Introducing Thinoo free moder font free to use.


Free Torii Font

Free Torii Font is a creative font inspired by the great traditional gate of Japanese culture called the Torii by Andrei Assis. It contains all caps letters, numbers, symbols and multilingual accents. This font stands out for its rectangular and pointed shapes, and its use is best suited for titles, logos and short phrases.


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