23 Bloody Awesome Shampoo Packaging Designs for Inspiration

Shampoo is our daily relict by the morning shower. The hair care industry is huge and their bath products is one of the most popular in the kind of cosmetics. On the market you will find a tons for hair care products. So today I decide to shaking your brains with Shampoo packaging designs and I hope you will get a lot of inspiration for your next Shampoo design project. Have a wonderful day and keep your eyes opnen ūüôā

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1. Natural Shampoo Packaging by Ken Duong

2. Blok by Phillip Tretyako, Ivan Yakushev

3. Broo by Megan Luedke

4. Packaging – Shampoo Sobio by Yita Z

5. Packaging Shampoo by Alejo Palacios

6. Body Shampoo Packaging by Valentin Nastase

7. Fresh Shampoo by Bratus

8. HSI Shampoo by HeadMade Design & Co.

9. Watsons Halal Shampoo by Brandimage Shanghai

10. Reusable Shampoo Packaging by Eduardo J. Neves

11. Essense Shampoo by Laura Nassini

12. Shampoo Design by Sandra Milojevic

13. Nivea Shampoo Packaging

14. Shampoo by Sunil Kumar

15. Acocado Herbal Shampoo (BRANDING) by Anand C

16. Baby Shampoo by Andrea Olarte Mejía

17. 2Go Shampoo by medhat morsi

18. H&S Japan Mosturizing & Refreshing Shampoo by Diane T

19. Shampoo Bottle & Label Design by Md. Tuhin Mia

20. Minimalistic Design for a Shampoo by –£—Ā—ā–ł–Ĺ–į –õ—É–ļ–į—Č—É–ļ

21. Life for Men – Black Shampoo by Rosmery Ztuko Ojeda

22. Shampoos Naturales (Publicidad) by Yitzha Isabel Navas

23. Shampoo Bottle Label Design by Md Ebrahim

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