Spectacular Typography Inspiration by Stefan Kunz

Today I’m going to open the Genie from the bottle and he have a spectacular things to show for design inspiration lovers. The author of the breathtaking typography’s Stefan Kunz will share his artworks at CreativeBonito and you can see them on this page below. His passion to write and make from impossible – possible are his goal.

A little about Stefan Kunz:

Stefan has dependably been exceptionally enthusiastic about visual depiction and typography, however, the infection point came once he started joining two of his most loved interests drawing type and photography. Stefan built up his mark style, TYPO x PHOTO through the productive yield of his word scapes (hand lettering craftsmanship coordinated into unique landscapes) and thus has caught the consideration of global customers while building a devoted social gathering of people (380k+ on Instagram and 243k views on youtube).

You may follow his awesome work on Instagram.

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